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Lyrical Muses OOC

But I was comfortable and warm inside my shell...

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Lyrical Muses OOC

But I was comfortable and warm inside my shell...

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I hate these things. Introducing myself. It feels weird, like one of those crazy internet dating services were you try and sell yourself to someone by outlining all of your best qualities to someone who's done the same. And usually they end up not having any good qualities or put the crazy in crazy internet dating services.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've tried any of them. It's just that I spent a year doing almost nothing, just wrapped up in myself. And I spent a lot of time hiding from the world and sometimes that equalled quality Maury Povich time. And it always seemed some angry girl was sorry for trusting some stranger who had misrepresented himself to her.

So now the internet and making introductions on it just make me think of that.

Then again, trusting strangers has actually saved my life before, so I guess it's worth a shot.

And I guess I should get to the part where I actually start doing the introducing.

Hi, I'm Sarah Blake. I'm an art historian from New Paltz, New York. I was actually going to be an artist. I mean, I was an artist. But I was a terrible artist. It's not that I made your little cousin's fridge designs and finger painting look like Renoir, or that I was just never going to be Monet. Let's face it, no one's ever going to be Monet. But I never made it out of my beginner's art class, and about then I figured out just what that meant.

They say that those who can't do, teach. And art history isn't so bad. Even if I'm not exactly teaching. My father owns an auction house, and while it may sound boring, you wouldn't believe some of the things that have turned up in estates. Maybe it's just the wannabe artist in me, but you can't even imagine what it's like to run your fingers along the frame of a 400 year old painting that's worth millions of dollars.

There's also something to be said for paintings that bring their history to life. Literally. And now you probably think that I'm one of those crazy internet people, but it's true. Hell, I thought I was crazy at first. But some things, you just can't deny once you've seen them with your own eyes.

Life has gone back to normal here in New Paltz. Though things have changed for good. No more evil paintings stand a chance of slipping by me, no matter how prudent my father is. And the shell I wrapped myself in the moment my mother died a year ago, is completely shed and broken. It's not what she would have wanted for me, and it's not what I want for me.

Of course, what I want for me, I'm still waiting to come back.

But all in all, I'm happy again. I think maybe there's more that I want out of life, and I'm trying to figure out what that something more is. In the meantime, I'm content to just finally be out of the shadows.

Including my own.

Sorry for taking so long to get this up! I've had a lot going on with work and school and some RL stuff so it's taken me a few weeks. Sarah is from the Season One Supernatural episode "Provenance". She's going to have a storyline with Sammy, so you will see that hopefully soon.

And she's also up for RP if anyone wants.

Intro x-posted because I'm wayyy too lazy to write duplicate intros. ;)
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