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October 23rd, 2006

I hate these things. Introducing myself. It feels weird, like one of those crazy internet dating services were you try and sell yourself to someone by outlining all of your best qualities to someone who's done the same. And usually they end up not having any good qualities or put the crazy in crazy internet dating services.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've tried any of them. It's just that I spent a year doing almost nothing, just wrapped up in myself. And I spent a lot of time hiding from the world and sometimes that equalled quality Maury Povich time. And it always seemed some angry girl was sorry for trusting some stranger who had misrepresented himself to her.

So now the internet and making introductions on it just make me think of that.

Then again, trusting strangers has actually saved my life before, so I guess it's worth a shot.

And I guess I should get to the part where I actually start doing the introducing.

Hi, I'm Sarah Blake. I'm an art historian from New Paltz, New York. I was actually going to be an artist. I mean, I was an artist. But I was a terrible artist. It's not that I made your little cousin's fridge designs and finger painting look like Renoir, or that I was just never going to be Monet. Let's face it, no one's ever going to be Monet. But I never made it out of my beginner's art class, and about then I figured out just what that meant.

They say that those who can't do, teach. And art history isn't so bad. Even if I'm not exactly teaching. My father owns an auction house, and while it may sound boring, you wouldn't believe some of the things that have turned up in estates. Maybe it's just the wannabe artist in me, but you can't even imagine what it's like to run your fingers along the frame of a 400 year old painting that's worth millions of dollars.

There's also something to be said for paintings that bring their history to life. Literally. And now you probably think that I'm one of those crazy internet people, but it's true. Hell, I thought I was crazy at first. But some things, you just can't deny once you've seen them with your own eyes.

Life has gone back to normal here in New Paltz. Though things have changed for good. No more evil paintings stand a chance of slipping by me, no matter how prudent my father is. And the shell I wrapped myself in the moment my mother died a year ago, is completely shed and broken. It's not what she would have wanted for me, and it's not what I want for me.

Of course, what I want for me, I'm still waiting to come back.

But all in all, I'm happy again. I think maybe there's more that I want out of life, and I'm trying to figure out what that something more is. In the meantime, I'm content to just finally be out of the shadows.

Including my own.

OOCCollapse )

October 20th, 2006

I am going to be revamping the userinfo to make this a little bit clearer, but I guess there was some confusion over the posting requirement, i.e. calendar month vs. one in four challenges.

It didn't make much of a difference as far as removals went. I removed three members who had all applied and been accepted in August but had only done their application, and not posted once for September, and not even for October either, as I was going to make allowances this time if you'd hadn't done a September challenge but were up to date by what you thought the standards were.

I looked first at what date you applied, so clearly everyone who applied this month isn't expected to have a September challenge done. Everyone who applied in September had done a September challenge. So if you had applied before September and didn't do a challenge for September or October, and you hadn't e-mailed us to ask for a hiatus, especially after last week's reminder, that is why you were removed.

The posting requirement, as we have discussed it and decided upon it, is this:

Every calendar month, there will be four and occasionally, depending on the month, five song prompts. You are required to respond to at least one for each calendar month. That's what we will start looking at from now on. You are encouraged to do more than that, but you're not going to get kicked out over doing any less than the requisite.

So, for example, November 6th will be the first Monday in November and the first time a challenge is posted for the month of November. At that time, one of us will go back through all of October's posts and check off everyone who did at least one. Anyone who didn't do an October challenge by November 6th will be behind, and will get a reminder. You will have until that weekend to do an October challenge.

October just happens to be month of those months where there will be five song choices, so that gives you five different selections to write from. There have been three so far, on Monday, there'll be a new one, suggested to us by Sheena, and then on the 30th, Tara will round out the month with her pick. (Tara's going to be out of town all weekend and until late, late Sunday, possibly early Monday anyway, so I'm just going to go ahead and post up the suggested song Monday morning/afternoon.)

Does that make sense to everyone? Or at least more sense than just saying "month"? (Haha, I confused myself, because I thought we were doing one out of four, but apparently everyone else was going calendar, sooo...)

So, everyone who is still in the community is up to date as of now. (Except for me, but I've been on hiatus because of school and work.) And you all have until November 6th to do October!

October 19th, 2006

Please Read

A little news, my lovelies.

First of all, because I don't think that we have discussed this yet, or put it in the rules or made it abundantly clear, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to drama. Now, look. Everyone's been involved in drama llama of some kind. Including me. I'm no saint. Hell, one time I wanked it up in my character journal. Ridiculous. But I'll certainly never do it again, and it was also an isolated incident.

If you have a problem with another player, you need to take it directly to them, or come to us. This backstabbing, talking trash in locked posts... do that at your own risk. Because a) whether or not you realize it, it gets back to people. Not even just the people you're talking about, but uninvolved parties. Especially when you drag into places like Bad RPers Suck or Fandom Wank. E-mails get forwarded back and forth, IMs get copied and pasted. It's a lot more trouble than I think any of you are really conciously asking for.

We can't regulate or censor what you write in your personal journals, and we're not even going to try. That's your business. Hell, some days Tara might piss me off, and I'll vent in a private entry about her. Whatever, it happens. But, if we catch you dragging LM business into Bad RPers Suck, Fandom Wank, or it gets back to us in another way, you're out. That is ridiculous, and I'm not going to tolerate having members who don't have enough respect for each other to take up their issues with the offending party and instead try and drum up a witch hunting party in other forums. Not cool. I'm not accusing anyone, I'm not kicking anyone out, because so far, everyone here gets along, and as far as I know of, no one's done anything like that to anyone here.

But, I was recently apprised of a situation where something like that did happen, and when I discussed it with the other two mods, we all agreed on a stance and felt the need to make it clear.

I'm not saying you can't go post wherever you want to. I'm just saying that we're not going to have drama here, and if there is a situation, it's going to be resolved, not dragged all over LJ and communication services. Capiche?

One strike, and you're out. Seriously. We're not playing. You're an adult, we expect you to handle things like one.


Second thing, we're not sure if everyone knows the parameters of the community, like what you're allowed to write and such. The thing is, there are no parameters. Like, most of us have figured out what we want to do with our characters here, what season, what place, etc. we want to set them.

So there's what we consider LM canon, which is what you'll use and refer to like say, if you want to RP or if you want to have an established background for your prompts.

But, let's say you want to write something else. Let's say you want to write a ship that isn't what your character is LM canon wise. Or let's say you want to write a cross fandom fic. Or something completely and totally AU. That's completely fine.

Examples, Gin and I have already written several versions of Jack and Kate from Lost, and we don't even know what we want to do canon wise here. But for the same challenge, we both did AU post rescue fics that were completely different, and then for the next challenge, she even did a continuation of my fic.

So, whatever you want to write, whatever pairing, whatever rating, whatever fandom(s), it's all fair game. You can write strictly LM canon, you can do all various fics, you can do both.

But from now on, we will be using a header, so that people won't get confused. And so that no one will get mad if you do something with their character they don't like or disagree with, it will all be disclaimed in your header. So like, if you kill someone's character or write an NC-17 fic or whatever, no one will confuse it with the canon.

So at the beginning of all fics/prompts from now on, please include:

Author's Note:

In your rating, please include WHY it's rated that way, so that we don't have to have a seperate field for warnings. So like "R for violence" "R for character death" NC17 pretty much speaks for itself. But if you have NC17 plus some violence or a death or whatever, be reasonable and say so. Just in case someone out there might not want to read that, or might not want to read that happen to the particular characters you're writing about.

Your Author's Note is the place where you can throw up any disclaimers you'd like, or mention where you got the inspiration for the fic. Maybe you based it on a particular person's version of a character that you play with, or a certain game or one on one and you want to give them a shout out or link a thread or the game in general that inspired it. Just some little note to say this is not based on LM itself, but some idea you had.


Title: Without Granting Innocence
Song: "How To Save A Life" by The Fray
Character: Kate Austen from Lost
Rating: R, for some language and "character" death (sorta)
Pairing(s): Jack/Kate, Jack/Sarah (slightly)
Fandom(s): Lost
Author's Note: This story is based on a one-on-one that Ginni and I do where she plays Jack, cantbeahero. It's called Try To Fix You, and this fic is based on one of the ideas I had further down the line in the story where Sarah shows up. The story is AU, post rescue.

or, for canon

Title: I Need A Raincoat
Song: "Raining In Baltimore" by the Counting Crows
Character: Buffy Summers
Rating: G
Pairing(s): N/A
Fandom(s): Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Author's Note: Buffy reflects on life after Sunnydale, and what she misses most.

Or whatever. You can do it however you want. Those were just some examples.

Anyway, so, no drama llama, and please start using the headers and feel free to write your fics about whatever you want.

Also, I'm about to go through and do the long overdue clean out. If you're not up to at least "Haunted", you're behind, and so far no one's asked for a hiatus so a few of you will be being removed. Normally, we'll give people warnings and let you get caught up if you're no more than one behind, but we already gave a warning a week ago, so if you didn't heed it then...

Please respond when you read this so we know that everyone knows what's up.

Jenna and Tara if you guys want to add anything, feel free.

October 3rd, 2006

Did you guys know that some of you are way behind? No, seriously, you are. The rules are that you must have your muses respond to at least one challenge per calendar month and hey check it out, it's already October. Did you remember to post your challenge for September? Huh? Did you?

Well, if you don't know we will and soon. That's right, the moderators have a naughty list and we're checking it twice so if you are behind? I suggest getting caught up now because on Friday people who are not up to date with their muses will be tossed out on their butts. That's right, I said it. Butts.

Allowances can always be made for people who are having a hard time right now through a hiatus, but that requires actual real live intiative on your part.

Step 1. Log into your email account.
Step 2. Click on the button that says compose mail
Step 3. Type 'lyrical.mods@gmail.com' where it says To:
Step 4. In the big box type in your muse name and explain that you need to be put on temporary hiatus, listing a reason wouldn't be awful either but I'm not going to push that.
Step 5. Click on send

Voila. You are on hiatus.

If you want to no longer take part in this community follow steps 1-3 and at step 4 just write that you don't want to play anymore before clicking send. See! It's easy.

Now you try.

You have until Friday to get caught up if you are otherwise behind. That's pretty much the point of this little tongue-in-cheek exorcise in moderatoration.

Jenna on behalf of the Lyrical Mods

September 30th, 2006

Hello everybody! I just wanted to introduce my new muse, Randy Bosch. Randy is an original character from an as-yet-untitled screenplay. I can't think of a title for the thing but he won't shut up so here he is.

He's an intern with the LAPD's Records and Identification Division, who lives in the basement of police headquarters sorting files and curiously looking around, not to mention trying to help his best friend, a junior detective named Tara Meredith. Randy is also a rock musician who plays guitar and sings in a band, writes his own songs, and loves his guitar. More about him can be found on his userinfo page.

I look forward to writing with you!

September 19th, 2006


(jack/kate) kiss
Hi. I'm Gin. So far I've only got Jack here but I have a plan to apply for a GA muse sometime in the near future when I get my brain working on a schedule. Heh.

Anyways. So yeah. I play Jack and Fawn and I haven't had time to discuss how we're gonna be doing our people even though my first jack response was an angst fest that I might get hurt for writing. I LOVE YOU FAWN.

Anyways. that's Me.

AIM: ohhmyginni (but you can't see me if I don't have you added so you must ask lol
E-mail: love_mistook@yahoo.com

September 10th, 2006

And clearly I want to be Fawn when I grow up so I followed her lead with this whole introducing myself thing. Not that there's a whole lot to say and not like I don't know most of you anyways. But hi, I'm Jenna. And here's the sitch on my people here...

goaskmalice: She's in Mexico right now with spikeywannabite. They really aren't doing anything that interesting right now except eachother (hahaha). After her little trip through Orpheus Lane with Angelus she decided that she hadn't had enough of it and started smacking up with it alot especially after the whole First Evil Smackdown. So yeah, she's an addict and she sort of turned Spike into one too. Right now she's avoiding Buffy and Angel like the plague and trying to score more drugs with Spike. Eventually she'll probably turn up in LA because James and Gracie are there.

cancerous_soul. Darla is dead. No really, she is and I intend to keep her that way unless something pressing comes up where people want her in a storyline. So yeah, she'll probably be challenge only since she's dead and all.

primal_heart. OMG Ru! Who doesn't want to play with Veruca, she's so fun and naughty. I don't really have any plans for my bad girl but if anyone thinks she needs a spanking, feel free.

xseries5494. Alec from Dark Angel. I don't really have any plans for him outside of writing canon challenges. That is until Decoy smacks me upside the head and tells me to come up with something for Max and Alec. And then, obviously I will.

sacrificed_rage. Ivy is my little original character and really I'm only writing her here to flesh out her character a bit more. She is definitely challenge only and will not be open for RP.

That's my people! If you need any of them just let me know and I will do my best to accomodate. You can reach me on email at wickedslayer@gmail.com or on AIM at thedothatgirl so feel free to hit me up.

I don't bite....much.
Okay, so there hasn't been much activity in the OOC, so I thought I'd get the party started a little bit.

First of all, just wanted to let everyone know, the last two songs, "In The Sun" by Joseph Arthur and "Always On Your Side" by Sheryl Crow have both been re-uploaded as of this morning (Sunday), so they should still be good for another week. If anyone needs either of the previous ones, just let the mods know. "Raining In Baltimore" also got its weekly re-upload, but everyone should already have that one written.

Also, I set up a post in the mod journal where you can make song suggestions. I realize I have a very specific, kind of angsty/dramatic taste in music, that I think makes for good writing, but you may want to change it up a bit, or there may be some songs that always inspire your muses, and we welcome and will gladly use your suggestions just so that everyone gets a chance to write about songs that they enjoy. The suggestion post is HERE. You have to provide title, artist, either links to lyrics or the lyrics, and an upload, and we'll do the rest, including an honorable mention to you for the idea.

Now, if you all would like to do in character introductions, you are more than welcome to. I have a gazillion characters, so I'm just going to give you their overviews so you kind of know who they are, what they're up to, and can see if maybe there's an opportunity for RP.

*Buffy Summers // tightlywound. Post Chosen, obviously. She is going to be played off of a concurrent one on one, reallymeanttobe under her RP journal, with the LM!Angel, realdealhero, so basically she's going to be shipped Bangel, but there's going to be a lot of twists to it. The game is still under construction, so most of her challenges will be before the starting point, so it'll all seem a little AU. She's still up for RP with the Buffy peeps and anyone else who might want to. She just might be kinda moody or emo because of the sekrit thing that's going to be happening to Angel. She'll definitely be in L.A.

*Cordelia Chase // beautiful_seer. Didn't die, k? She's kind of moved away from everyone, not really able to handle everything that happened while Jasmine had her body, and not able to sit by and watch Buffy and Angel be back together. She hasn't said she's never coming back, but she's just left for awhile. Probably to the opposite coast, to Floridia or something, where she just kind of broods Angel-style and tries to snap out of it and realize it wasn't her fault she was possessed and didn't really crappy things. No big plans for her at the moment.

*Grace Lockhart // weighted_sorrow. OC character, sister of Faith. Her backstory is in her profile, but basically they had the mommy dearest from Hell and were seperated when Faith skipped town to protect Grace from Kakistos. Grace doesn't know this, and she's bitter. She's currently living in L.A. and working for W&H, and I use the term working lightly, because she is the daughter of the Wolf, unbeknownst to her. Faith is, but she and Faith were supposedly half sisters. James, a character of Jenna's we're going to NPC and bring in for the occasional small purpose, has been nurturing her and filling her head with lies to poison her head against her sister. Their mom did this spell when they were children to split Faith's power between them, which means Faith gets all of the Slayer stuff, but Grace has other abilities. The two of them together could either end the world or save it, depending on who is pulling the strings, and W&H is working very hard to keep control of the half that they can hold. Grace is up for playing with anyone else in L.A.

*Izzie Stevens // isobel_stevens. I'm mostly writing challenges for her based on the last two seasons until the third one starts. I'm going to make hope Ginni and I ship Alex and her together. And she is always available to SGH people.

*Kate Austen // im_sinking. OMG, so obviously Ginni is playing Jack, cantbeahero, because I play with no other Jack, and we have sooo many versions of them based on different one on ones, and even one now in FM based on a fic. We haven't really discussed or decided which version we're going to use here, but I'm probably going to try and make her do an AU, post island game we have where they're in a relationship and Sarah comes to town and there's lots of drama. Because we play them strictly canon in TM, based on a fic in FM, probably off one of our other island one on ones in Talking Muses, so, I want AU post island Jate. We'll see.

*Lauren Santini // lauren_santini. Another OC, but this one is completely not fandom based, and will be based on a one on one with another OC character here, yourbrokenline, made specifically to go along with my character's storyline, braelyn_parker. Her backstory is too lengthy and complicated to get into, but it's in her profile. She's in Providence, Rhode Island, and will most likely only RP with Brae. But if anyone's ever in the area, or if for whatever reason they ever have to go elsewhere, she'll gladly RP with whomever.

*Isabel Evans // isabelxevans. Also based on a one on one, with Michael. Found HERE on GJ that's just getting started but is all plotted out, so we'll probably start referencing it before some of it is even written. I think they are in New York, hiding from the alien hunters. But I'll have to talk to Aud about that. Probably will RP with Kyle and Tess if they decide to be in the same area. Or anyone else in the NY area, but they will be pretty angsty, sooo...

Anyway, feel free to introduce your characters or give plot rundowns so everyone knows what's going on and where they can kind of git in if they'd like to RP. Remember, it's not mandatory, but scenes are welcome either in the character journals, in one on ones, or in lmrp the official LM RP community. Plus keeps all comments other than links to posts and requests for re-uploads out of the community though.

Also, as far as contact info goes, you can reach me:

e-mail: herbruisedheart{{at}}gmail.com
AIM: Her Solar Eyes
msn: herbruisedheart{{at}}hotmail.com


August 30th, 2006

Buffy mun would just like to inform everyone that the Buffy username has been renamed. This has all been explained in the Buffy journal, but for those of you who aren't friended to it, and would maybe see a Buffy post in the LM community and be confused as to whether or not there was a new Buffy that had been unannounced or not, I thought I'd pre-emptively clear up any and all confusion.

Long story short, old username "frisky_vixen" was based on a season seven quote where Willow calls Buffy a frisky vixen. Must not have been too noticeable of a quote because many people have asked me what what the name meants. (Though the Kennedy mun had thought it adorable and helped me pick it out.) A rename token later, and with the help of several multi fandom muns, tightlywound is the new name for LM!Buffy. She has an alter ego, likestofight as I've decided to seperate my Muse!Buffy from my RP!Buffy. RPing within the realm of muse stuff can still go on with this name, but all other RPing will be done on the other name, though you may see either, depending on how lazy I am.

Just wanted to give a head's up, lest there be any confusion. ;)

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