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Lyrical Muses OOC

Well, well, well.

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Lyrical Muses OOC

Well, well, well.

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Do not fuck with me, Trouble
This looks interesting - a place with no wizards or witches or [insert expletive] Death Eaters. I've been told I have to watch my [insert expletive] tongue, which is kinda hard as my nose gets in the way, and [insert expletive] swearing is my...fifth language. Yeah. I'm Blaise. You might have heard of me, though more likely not. That's [insert expletive] by me, yeah? Don't like being observed too much, me.

I'm older than I [insert expletive] look, and I've been around the block a time or forty. I'm what the [insert expletive] gamers call a [insert expletive] chaotic neutral. Stupid [insert expletive] terms, stupid [insert expletive] boxes, [insert expletive]!

At the moment, I'm travellin' with m' bond mate, his name's Tom. No, 'm not saying any more 'bout him than that, yeah, 'cos you [insert expletive] could be a [insert expletive] spy an' [insert expletive] that. Let's just say we've been together for a very [insert expletive] long time and leave it there, yeah? I'm his, he's mine, an' [insert expletive] with him? Well. Why spoil the surprise?

Apart from that, I drink, I smoke, I swear, yeah okay, you all got that, hardy har. I'm part Russian, part Italian and part British, what they [insert expletive] call a real mongrel breed. I'm a [insert expletive] full blooded wizard, but I don't hold with that [insert expletive] that Malfoy and his [insert expletive] all carry on about. I take care of Tom, an' that's that. So, that's me, yeah? Pleased to [insert expletive] meet you!

[ooc: Blaise here is written (now) AU - before Half Blood Prince came out, we had no idea what he was like apart from a name, gender and House, and I'd been writing him for years. I wasn't too surprised that I (like so many Blaise writers!) got Jossed, but I still write him the way I always have, so he's essentially an AU boy now. His backstory is pretty complicated, but in short, he's gone back in time to be with Tom Riddle and ended up being the Dark Lord's lieutenant. That story is being written between myself and heir2slytherin's mun in our fic prompts. B is up for a bit of rp, though like Nine, RL does get in the way sometimes. Nice to be here!]
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