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So, no other me's running about then?

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Lyrical Muses OOC

So, no other me's running about then?

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Smile, Fantastic!
Hello, I'm the Doctor. Just 'the Doctor.' Lived with it for nine hundred years, I more or less recognise it when someone calls me. M' history's a bit complicated, especially for you lot, I don't know, stupid tiny brains, little apes made of clay, what do you use your brains for? That, by the way, was a rhetorical question, so don't give me all the dirty on your love lives, yeah? Right.

I travel through Space and Time in my big, blue box. She's called the TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. With me is a young Earth lass named Rose and an intergalactic conman slutboi tease named Jack. Though if you see me now, I'm travellin' alone. An' if you see another one of me in a pin-striped suit, that's m' next me. Told you it was complicated.

So here I am, no living plastic about, fantastic!

[ooc: Hi there, Nine is available for a bit of rp, though sometimes my RL can make turn around time on tags a bit slow. Nice to be here!]
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