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Lyrical Muses OOC

The mandatory, "Hi, I exist"

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Lyrical Muses OOC

The mandatory, "Hi, I exist"

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I'm Dr. James Wilson.

Two things: I'm an Oncologist, and I have a friend with a cane who epitomizes the phrase, "You're the reason God created the middle finger". That sounds like an insult, I know. But, trust me---he's proud of what he epitomizes. The former and the latter aren't at all related, except for the fact that where I practice Oncology and where my friend insinuates his God-given gift both take place at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

I'm Jewish, I'm divorced, blah blah. Let's skip that part.

In fact, let's just skip straight to the part where I say, "It's a pleasure to meet you", and be on my way. That's generally what these mandatory introduction things are all about, right?

Oh, and my friend I was just telling you about? You see him, you mention my name? Don't believe anything he says about me.

ooc: And the mun's own, "Hi, I exist" note. Wilson's open for RP. =)
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