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Lyrical Muses OOC

Wanna pick songs for LM?

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Lyrical Muses OOC

Wanna pick songs for LM?

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Hey lovelies. Happy Thanksgiving, all! Hope you all enjoyed it, and survived Black Friday for any of you who work retail or braved it for the great shopping deals. <3

Just wanted to let you guys know that we've decided that the last week of each month, is going to be like a Player's Choice kind of thing. Meaning, the three of us have a rotation and take turns picking the song each week so now, after the third mod does her choice, we will be using your suggested songs.

We feel that this will give everyone a chance to write challenges based on songs that really inspire you, or that you've always thought would make a great fic, etc.

You can suggest songs HERE and starting this Monday, you will start seeing your suggestions in our monthly rotation. :)

~The Modly-Shaped Ones
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